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Nothing Lasts Forever Because Nobody Lives Forever
you think you deserve an explanation on the meaning of life
Fic: in the gaps, in-between words ... (4/?) 
24th-Aug-2011 09:27 pm
Title: In The Gaps, In-between Words (part 3/?)

Author: mondays_eyes

Pairing: Charles / Erik

Word Count: 837

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Author’s Note: My knowledge of X-Men is purely Movie-verse, I know nothing concerning the comics and only very little concerning the cartoons, so be kind. The title is taken from Maximo Park’s song “Girls Who Play Guitars”.
Thanks to the marvelous pippin1983  for her wonderful job as my beta-reader!

crossposted at mondays_eyes , erik_charles , mondays_eyes , and my own journal pippin1983

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)


Charles found Alex in the drawing room with Sean and Raven playing Scrabble.

“Professor! Couldn’t we have brought that pinball machine with us from the CIA?” Sean asked when he saw Charles enter the room.

“It wasdestroyed, stupid.” Alex told him.

“No, it wasn’t.”

“Yes, it was!”

 “No, we left the room before it could be destroyed.”

“We left, because it was.”

“You should have your memory checked! It hasn’t even been a week and you’re getting things confused. Couldn’t you help his memory, Professor?”

Charles intervened, “boys, we’ll get a brand new pinball machine, alright? Although I don’t quite understand why you’re asking for it, seeing you already have entertainment.”

“Thing is, Raven’s been with you for far too long, she knows words that only Hank could tell if they’re right.” 

“I see. Where is Hank anyway?”

“Lab,” Raven told him with a mild smile, not hiding her slight disdain.

“I thought so.” Charles sought Alex’s eyes. “Alex, could I -” he said, gesturing for the door with a nod of his head.

“Sure,” the blonde replied and went out into the corridor along with Charles.

 “I need to apologize.” Charles said, after he’d closed the drawing room’s mahogany door. “I shouldn’t have done that to you, it was wrong in every possible way, and I’m very sorry.” Charles didn’t know what else to say. He was at a loss of words for how his … affection? feelings? … for Erik could affect him enough to cause him lose his very disciplined self-control, and lead to such misuse of his gift.

Alex looked at him solemnly. “It’s okay, Professor. It was… weird though. I mean, I didn’t realize I was doing anything. What happened anyway? How…”

“I was inside your head, I was controlling you, your thoughts and movements, I could see through your eyes, hear what you would hear… everything.”

“Wow!” Alex’ eyes grew wide. “That sounds… scary. Creepy.” His expression became even more skeptical, verging on worried. “What did you have me do?”

Charles blushed slightly, embarrassed, “I – er – you brought me my scotch.”

“Oh. Oh, okay. Don’t worry. That’s fine. You could have just asked, though.”

“I’d say next time, but I hope there won’t be one.”

“It mustn’t always be alcohol you want, you know. If you ever need anything, just ask.”

“Thank you, Alex. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Beware if you don’t,” Alex grinned and moved to reenter the drawing room.

“Oh, and Alex? If you want to play a game Raven doesn’t ever win, play Yahtzee.” Charles told him with a wink and a wry smile.

“Thanks!” Alex winked back and went back to the others.

Charles smiled as he walked into the kitchen, got two aspirins and swallowed them with a glass of water. He then filled a pitcher with water and took it, along with his glass, down to the end of the corridor where they had converted the former ballroom into Hank’s laboratory.

Charles greeted the young scientist, barely older than Sean or Alex, who was once again hunched over his microscope, looking at some Petri dishes.

“Ah, good evening, Professor,” Hank greeted back.

“Oh, Hank, stop that. Or I’ll start calling you Dr. McCoy.”

“No. I’m sorry. It’s just that with Sean and Alex calling you that I thought I…”


“Yeah, yeah, sorry. So, are you feeling better, Charles?” he asked, stressing the name, even daring a light grin.


“This afternoon, you didn’t seem all too well. You barely noticed stumbling into us.”

“Oh… er… no, not really, gonna call it an early night. I just wanted to know if you’ve got anything I need to know. “

“And you’re coming downstairs for that? Why wouldn’t you just -?”

“Hank,” Charles cut him off and indicated the Petri dish under the microscope. “You always say you want to be more normal, don’t you? Well, sometimes I need that feeling, too, alright?” Charles clarified why he hadn’t just gathered any news by using his gift. Hank nodded. He understood completely. “So, what’s new?” Charles asked.

“Um… I’m making progress with the serum, but not anything spectacular enough to tell you about yet. I think I figured out a suit for Sean, and have the next version of Alex’s suit ready for testing.”

“You’re spending too much time in here,” Charles laughed.

“Not at all. When Alex and I were downstairs earlier, we took a little tour through the rooms, and I think I might have found a great spot for a new Cerebro.”

Charles raised his brows. “A new Cerebro? In here? You’re kidding. That’s fantastic. Good work,” he said and clapped Hank’s shoulder in real appreciation. “Let’s talk about details tomorrow, alright? I need to sleep off this headache.”

When he left the laboratory, he intended to do what he’d told Hank he was going to do, but just as he reached the top of the first flight of stairs, he heard Erik’s voice in his head, telling him goodbye.

I Can't Do That
24th-Aug-2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
Alex ist witzig, und irgendwie zweideutig. Oder sind das einfach heute nur meine schmutzigen Gedanken?

Und Erik? Er wird doch nicht... NEIN NEIN NEIN! Er geht nicht! Oder?
24th-Aug-2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
Tja, Alex' Zweideutigkeit ist mir auch erst heute so richtig aufgefallen, im Prinzip wollte ich damit nur auf die Zukunft anspielen, wenn Charles gelähmt im Rollstuhl sitzen wird, dass er dann wohl dankbar für Alex' Angebot wäre, aber wie gesagt, es gibt viele die Alex Gefühle für Charles andichten, vielleicht gehör ich ja dazu ;)

Und Erik? Tja, das fragt sich Charles wohl auch gerade. Und du wirst warten müssen, bis er es rausfindet.
24th-Aug-2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
Vielleicht hat deine Muse ja Lust auf einen Nebenzweig so Charles / Alex mäßig....

Du bist gemein! Ich will nicht warten...
24th-Aug-2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
tja, mal sehen was sich daraus machen lässt. Wär ja keine schlechte Idee, aber ob ich je dahin komme?

hmmm... soll ich dir das Word Dokument schicken? dann hättest du noch 3 Teile
24th-Aug-2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
Du siehst doch wo ich hingekommen bin. Ich hab gesagt, ich kann NIE Domlijah oder Padackles und was ist nun? Ich kann es selber kaum fassen, was aus uns geworden ist :-)

Word... nein, ich schaff es ja doch nicht tagsüber zu lesen... lieber hier... und dann mit Spannung!!!
24th-Aug-2011 09:04 pm (UTC)
ich meinte jetzt eher vom zeitlichen/musischen her, ob ich je genug abschließen kann um noch n Pairing anzufangen

okay, dann eben hier ;)
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